Debt Relief

5 Traits Of The Debt Free Individual

Being debt free is a goal that every one over the age of eighteen has. No one likes to be a virtual slave to their payments. Unfortunately, there are very few of those legendary creatures walking the Earth today. The few that do exist have several traits in common. Here are five of them. Organized […]

5 Tech Expenditures To Avoid

Smartphones and laptops have become part of our daily lives. With these, and other tech gadgets, have come an overload of ads and offers that try to convince us that there are products that we can not do without. Here are five tech related expenses that are a complete waste of money. The Facebook craze […]

3 Things To Consider Before Retiring In A Down Economy

The economy usually fluctuates from year to year. That fluctuation is normally not enough to throw a monkey wrench into your retirement plans. Unfortunately, the last five years have seen a constant stream of bad news for every wage earner in the world. The hardest hit are those who are wanting to retire. Before you […]

How A Couple Can Boost Their Social Security Income

Social Security is often neglected in most retirement planning sessions. People estimate how much of a monthly check they will receive and concentrate on other streams of income as much as possible. That is a mistake. If you plan correctly, you can increase the amount you will be able to draw from Social Security. Here […]

4 Ways To Lower Your Mortgage Rate

Interest rates are near historic lows; for those with stellar credit, anyway. For those who have had financial issues or low down payments, mortgage rates are a bit higher. Thankfully, there are ways to lower your rate. Here are four of them. Shop around for a loan before buying your home. You can often get […]

7 Ways To Stymie Identity Thieves

Identity thieves are ever evolving demons and you are their best accomplice when it comes to taking over your identity. How is that, you may ask. Your habits and ambivalence make it easier for a cagey thief to get your vital information, allowing them to take over your identity. Here are seven ways that you […]

3 Money Tips In A Struggling Economy

Analysts say that the American economy is in full recovery. Ask the Average American and they can not see any signs of a recovery. Many are still struggling to make ends meet. In this struggling economy there are things that you can do to be prepared in case this ”recovery” slows down even more. Make […]

3 Debt Strategies That Make Things Worse

Runaway debt can seem to strangle you. You feel like you are sinking into a bottomless pit. You can’t think. It even seems hard to breath, so you react. Unfortunately, some of those reactions only make matters worse. Here are three debt strategies that you should avoid at all costs when becoming debt free is […]

3 Telephone Calls That Could Save You Thousands

There are hundreds of ways to save money. Depending on your spending habits, many of them may not apply to you. On the other hand, there are three that apply to every person reading this post. Making these three telephone calls could save you a few thousand dollars per year. Calling your cable company and […]

Budgeting Tips For Broke People

Most of the budgeting and personal finance tips you read assume one thing; that you are able to pay your bills. Unfortunately, for a growing number of Americans that is not true. There are far more people who are broke an hour after receiving their paycheck than there are people who can sock away cash […]