Debt Relief

5 Tech Expenditures To Avoid

Smartphones and laptops have become part of our daily lives. With these, and other tech gadgets, have come an overload of ads and offers that try to convince us that there are products that we can not do without. Here are five tech related expenses that are a complete waste of money.

  • The Facebook craze has many people convinced that they have to find every friend they have ever had. Services that offer to find your friends for a small fee are a waste of money.
  • Extended warranties are usually a waste of cash. This is especially true if the extended time does not include tech support.
  • Ringtones and apps are usually a waste. How many apps do you have on your phone that you have only used once this month or just once since you bought them? What does that custom ringtone really do for you?
  • Paying someone for simple repairs just doesn’t make sense. If you do not know someone who can make the repair, then copy/paste the error message into a search engine. It is a sure bet someone has fixed the same issue and posted the solution online for free.
  • The last waste of money is a personal issue. Do you feel like you have to buy the latest gadget the day it is released? That means that you will be paying the most for every gadget you buy. Six months after release many of these items have dropped at least 25% in price.

If you truly want to be debt free, you’ve got to avoid these wastes.