Debt Relief

3 Telephone Calls That Could Save You Thousands

There are hundreds of ways to save money. Depending on your spending habits, many of them may not apply to you. On the other hand, there are three that apply to every person reading this post. Making these three telephone calls could save you a few thousand dollars per year.

Calling your cable company and asking a question as simple as ”What deals are you offering right now?” You may find that there is a promotion going on that can save you several hundred dollars a year. If you bundle your home phone, you might get a better deal by doing away with it and using your cell phone only. If you do not get a better deal from the customer rep at first, ask for the cancellation department. If the company thinks you are going to disconnect, they usually come up with better deals, quickly.

Look at your car insurance. Review it each year. If you were recently married, you should combine your policy with your spouse’s to take advantage of multi-car discounts that can add up to $50 or more each month.

Did you accidentally make a late payment or bounce a check? If it is a one time affair, you should call the bank or card provider to have the late fees or NSF dismissed. You can also ask to have a good will deletion of the item from you credit report. This only works for the first late payment and only if it is less than 30 days late. This call could save you by improving your credit score, qualifying you for better interest rates on future loans.

One last tip to keep in mind is that saving money does not always happen hundreds of dollars at a time. Saving a few dollars here and there adds up to financial freedom in the future.